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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by Leo on 26th March 2009, 20:00

“My larnie, you caren’t park here”. With this remark Stef (Dirt Dog) was summarily dismissed from his intended parking spot, cause this car guard was strict and taking his job very serious.. The rest of the weekend we would hear these words a lot, as it became our punch line for a quick laughter.

Yes we were at the Buff 09 in Mosselbay. We along with ± 7300 other bikes were having a few sleepless nights for no apparent reason. After every rally I ask myself why the #$%^&* do I put myself through all that torture of little sleep and Suzuki m/cycles being revved till you get tired of listening to the metal pleading for mercy from it’s senseless owner, and yet before I can blink an eye I find myself going to the next one. I guess spending the time with mates, having a lekker kuier and just letting the hair hang loose is the real reason.

In 2007 Excalibur and I klapped it to Mosselbay in one day and returned in one, but I guess I have become wiser, or older or whatever as we decided it’s not worth the effort so we opted for the two day session. Trust me it’s hell on the liver and kidneys to spend all day on a bike, then 2 days trying to cleanse the body with alcohol before spending another day back on the bike. So this year we left blockhouse at 07:30 on Thursday and headed for Mosselbay along the non tolled roads. Brandfort saw us taking our first one for the road at the popular “bokspoortjie” pub, but she no longer works there and has now been replaced by a moose knuckle.

Bloem was our next stop for juice and then we head for the real Free state flats. Trompsburg and the Midway bar introduced us to the in-laws of another forum member, Nardus, really a small world.

The Midway bar & Guesthouse in Trompsburg. Go visit here. A nice place with friendly people

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_09

Is this MacGyver’s dog?

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0960

From here we travelled to Colesberg crossing the Orange as we headed into the Northern Cape.

The majestic Orange River – yes in the worlds of Mark Knofler we were “Southbound Again” – great song

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_092

In Colesberg we bought some droee wors, biltong and some meat and then headed for the Horse and Mill, a very popular drinking spot amongst bikers.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_093

The inside walls has been grafitti’d with little or no place for any additional comments……… and a very nice and friendly bar lady if I may say so

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_094

After a few sharpies we headed southbound again. In no time we rode into the bustling metropolis of Noupoort where the ANC was having an election campaign / rally, so we head out of town on da gravel stuff without daring it amongst the crazy crowd.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_095

The area definitely had some rain recently, but the roads were in an excellent condition. We had roughly 170 km’s of gravel to cover before we would call it the day.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_096

Some of the roads went straight past the farm houses, and at several stages I was left with the impression that we were on private land, but according to my GPS we were on public roads, no one was shooting at us, so the Kaap was Hollands.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_097

Lovely green country side –

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_098

Definite evidence of some rain

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_099

God had covered this generally grey countryside in a beautiful shade of green. Really an awesome sight.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0910

Check these dirt highways – awesome riding for a big, loaded DS bike

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0911

More lovely roads, well maintained game farm on the right

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0912

…and everywhere we received a warm welcome in several languages

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0913

What a sweet sight

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0914

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0915

Eventually after some truly awesome riding I saw the first signs of our overnight stop

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0916

I guess the Owl House is what made this place world famous. Amazing place.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0917

Of course Excalibur was not listening to the larny telling him he caren’t park here

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0918

One of the many gravel streets in a town where time has stood still for many years.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0920

We were staying at the backpackers after the camping site proved somewhat inadequate

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0922

The entire backpackers to ourselves, lotsa firewood, some coke, ice and full gif kanne, all that was needed were some young European chickies also spending the night there along with us – yea I know dream on

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0923

Of course I’m a capetonian in murg and been and with a braai you gotta have braai broodjies. Pap and sous is for catching babers in da vaal river.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0924

The next morning the place was even more beautiful. This friendly chap was strolling the street looking for sumting to eat

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0925

Early morning view as one leaves this little piece of heaven over a mountain pass.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0928

More awesome scenery

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0929

The ride early morning must rate as one of my best riding days. Picture this – good gravel road, fresh if somewhat chilly mountain air, no other traffic and beautiful countryside along with a lifelong friend through passed and along dirt highways

My wingman in close proximity - Excalibur

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0930

I can not get tired of the beautiful countryside. Around every corner there was a new spectacular site

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0931

Unfortunately all good things had to come to an end, and if we wanted to get to Mosselbay in time, we couldn’t ride on gravel all day, so we returned to da black stuff.

Just before Graaf Reinet you enter the Kamdeboo nature reserve. Lotsa wild life right on the edge of the road. Lovely.

How’s this for a straight stripe?

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0932

The Kambedoo dam just before Graat Reinet

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0933

Past Graaf Reinet we had to cover some serious distance to Aberdeen, Willowmore and Uniondale. At least the weather was cool and the countryside green

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0934

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0935

Going towards the coast means that you will have to pass some mountains at some stage which will always have a few nice twisties. This road did not disappoint.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0936

In Willowmore we had to have one for the road, and signs of a bike rally were becoming more and more evident. Everywhere bikes had stopped and few cold ones were enjoyed.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0937

We had to do the old pass to get to George

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0938

No real challenge getting down, just awesome scenery

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0939

We stopped at Lynn Schroeder in George as Excalibur’s horse had a splutter. “Computer says your bike is fine sir, sorry we can’t help”.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0940

Too many bikes for the 3 mechanics to handle

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0941

Jip, Mosselbay and camping on the beach. Man life was sweet

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0942

We joined up with our mates who had left 2 days earlier, and the serious kuier started

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0943

Excalibur and Dirt Dog exchanging SMS jokes

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0944

Happiness all around and enjoying the experience.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0945

This oke made the most noise. He fitted this 200 gallon drum over his exhorst after removing the canister. Willie and his air horn was a close second.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0947

I guess the tyre woes continue. Fortunately the suppliers came good with a full refund.

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0948

Sat morning we headed for Knysna to have some Oysters.

Dirt Dog saying “Hi”

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0949

Excalibur enjoying Life

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0950

Coming down towards Wildernis. This is truly a Garden of Eden

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0951

In Knysna we were greeted by this delightful sight at the Oyster farm

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0952

Enjoying the fruit of the sea

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0953

This oke was eyeing my oysters, so I had to gulp them down in a rush

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0954

Dirt Dog checking the scenery and wondering where the larny could park

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0955

Having a last cold one in Haroldsbay before returning to Mosselbay

Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Buff_0959

Needles to say, none of us won the R100k first prize. Our route back saw us sleeping in Bloem before getting home on Monday.

Lovely trip to a place I have never been before, but will definitely visit again.

Thanks Excalibur for riding along, as always it was a pleasure having you along. Also to the rest of the mates, thanks for the laughter, companionship and general high spirits.

The last words has to go to a 76 yo lady who was the acting bar lady at Midway when we stopped there upon our return. The owner was in PE for a wedding of his daughter. I guess Nardus was also in attendance.

She told us this joke: In the pre 94 years this white oke was shagging this non white girl. Because this was unheard of in those days he called on Gammat to come have a peep as he needed Gammat to act as a witness. When the case appeared in court the judge asked Gammat to describe what he saw. “Djou honour, they were farking”.
Gammat was immediately thrown out of court for using such foul language and had to be briefed on the proper language to be used in court. Upon his return Gammat had to give account of his witness and proceeded as follows: “Djou honour, her arse was here, his knees was right behind that. His balls were swaying back and forth in the body motion, if that wasn’t farking, then I wasn’t there.
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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by DeonP on 26th March 2009, 23:18

What a trip !
Thanks for sharing.
Always great to see other people's experiences.
Great photos - Love the "straight stripe" pic - Classic !

Thanks again

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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by DaveS on 26th March 2009, 23:30

As always a great trip report from Leon!

It is necessary to rather look at the bigger picture!
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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by Marnus on 27th March 2009, 08:54

Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Some very pretty pictures.
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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by Corlia on 27th March 2009, 09:55

Nice trip report! THanks for sharing! Smile
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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by KnopKop on 27th March 2009, 16:27

WOW !!!

Thanks for sharing Leon. That area is soooo beautiful!!

Whose tyre was that ?

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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by BON on 27th March 2009, 16:51

It was Andre Henrico's tyre.
It happened during the way donw from Gariep Damm to Mossel Bay.
He drove 250 Km with that till George, before change the tyre!
It seems that the batch received from Germany had some problem, even though the speed has been closed to the limit!

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Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009 Empty Re: Leo's Buffalo Hunt 2009

Post by Sponsored content

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